miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009

Yendri - Breakdown of reality

Género: Goth Rock, Alternative

Artistas similares: Front Line Assambly, Motor, Code 64

Año de grabación : Trisol Music Group, 2000.

Yendri is a German solo electronic music project. Yendri prefers to describe her own work as simply electronic music. In addition to music, Yendri enjoys a multitude of art forms including painting and photography.

Yendri's recent album, "Playdoll" was also the first to be released on the label of Rudy Ratzinger, Mental Ulcer Forges. Rudy found the music of Yendri to be quite interesting, listing Yendri on his Top 11[1] multiple times. Yendri shares this label with artists such as F/A/V, Cerebral Apoplexy, Recently Deceased, and others.

Fields Of Haze.

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