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Lacuna Coil - In a Reverie

Style: Goth Metal.
Similar Artists: The Gathering, Theatre of Tragedy, Lake of Tears.
Recording year: Century Media, 1999.

On its 1999 full-length debut, IN A REVERIE, the Italian goth-metal ensemble Lacuna Coil offers up a melodic yet moody set of songs that prefigures a successful formula. While the group features both male and female vocalists, singer Cristina Scabbia often steals the show with her expressive voice, which is equally effective on amped-up, guitar-driven tunes ("My Wings") and orchestral, pop-tinged numbers ("To Myself I Turned"). Although the band would expand its atmospheric sound even further on later releases (most notably, 2002's COMALIES), this album reveals that Lacuna Coil's bold aesthetic was well formed from the beginning.

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martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Presunto Culpable - Presumed Guilty (2011) Eng Sub

En México ser inocente no es sufiente para ser libre.

Presunto Culpable es una cinta -polémica ahora-, basada en el Sistema Judicial Mexicano, es el documental con más éxito en México, pero censurada por la Secretaría de Gobernación.

Presunto Culpable fue retirado de las salas de cine desde el 2 de marzo, a pesar de que su estreno fue el 18 de febrero de 2011.

EL documental tiene como fin dar a conocer una realidad de lo que es la justicia en México, poniendo en escena una historia real con algunas escenas tomadas de la realidad de un hombre detenido por las autoridades por el supuesto homicidio, sin pruebas de que él sea culpable, sin embargo, aun así el juez ya presenta la decisión “culpable” que será irreversible.

Por primera vez en la historia un documental sobre la justicia en México llega a la pantalla grande a nivel internacional.

Presunto Culpable, suspendida de salas de cine temporalmente, hace un análisis sobre la justicia en México y menciona:

El 92% de las acusaciones en México carecen de pruebas y evidencias.

El 95% de las sentencias son condenatorias.

El 93% de los acusados y detenidos nunca ven al juez.

El próximo podrías ser tú…..



Por favor copia y pega el siguiente link en tu página o distribuye la dirección con tus contactos para que ellos también la puedan ver y así comenzarles a poner un alto.



El Juez (The judge)

El mentiroso (The liar)

Los abogados (The lawyers)

El penalista (The specialist lawyer)

La que hace su "chamba" (The one who makes her "work")


In Mexico to be innocent is not enough to be free.

Presumed Guilty is a Mexican movie -in controversy right now-, based on the Mexican Judge System, is the most successful documentary in Mexico, but censured by the Government.
It was taken off the movie theatres since 2nd of march, spite of it's première was 18th february 2011.

The documentary shows a young boy accused for a non proved homicide, without proof of his guitly, but the judge presents that his decision as GUILTY will be irreversible.

For the first time in documentary history in Mexico arrives to the screen at an internationaly level showing this reality:

- 92% of acusations in Mexico has no proof and evidences.
- 95% are condenatory sentences.

- 93% of the defendants and under arrest never see the judge.

The next one can be you........

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sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

Merciful Nuns - Body of light EP

Style: Goth Rock.
Similar Artists: Garden of Delight, Sisters of Mercy .
Recording year: 2010.

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lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

Merciful Nuns - Lib. 1

Style: Goth Rock.
Similar Artists: Garden of Delight, Sisters of Mercy .
Recording year: 2010.

New proyect of the vocal leader of Garden of Delight Artaud Seth, called -Lib.1-.

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Pearl Jam - Live on ten legs

Style: Hard Rock.
Similar Artists: Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden.
Recording year: Junketboy duplicate, 2011.

Live on Ten Legs is a live album by American alternative rock band Pearl Jam released on January 17, 2011. The album is composed of songs recorded during the band's 2003–2010 world tours, and is a companion piece to their 1998 live album, Live on Two Legs.

All songs on the album have been remixed by long time Pearl Jam engineer, Brett Eliason.


01 – Arms Aloft
02 – World Wide Suicide
03 – Animal
04 – Got Some
05 – State Of Love And Trust
06 – I Am Mine
07 – Unthought Known
08 – Rearview Mirror
09 – The Fixer
10 – Nothing As It Seems
11 – In Hiding
12 – Just Breathe
13 – Jeremy
14 – Public Image
15 – Spin The Black Circle
16 – Porch
17 – Alive
18 – Yellow Led Better

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viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Covenant - Modern ruin - Ltd. Edition - (2011)

Style: Electro Industrial
Similar Artists: Rotersand, And One.
Recording year: SPV, 2011.

Release date for 8th of February in North America with Metropolis Records, 17th of January in the rest of the world with SPV and for Scandinavia Progress Productions.

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miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011

Anne Clark & Martyn Bates - Just after the sunset: The poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke

Style: Experimental Electronic. Post Punk.
Similar Artists: Eyeless in Gaza.
Recording year: Net Music Zone, 1988.

01 Silent Forces (1:58)
02 Autumn (3:22)
03 From The Book Of Pilgrimage (3:04)
04 Song Of The Sea (4:39)
05 To Music (3:04)
06 Going Blind (3:01)
07 The Garden Of Olives (1:51)
08 Time Again (3:26)
09 The Panther (2:50)
10 From The Book Of Monastic Life #1 (2:09)
11 The Fruit (3:25)
12 Early Spring (1:50)
13 The Apple Orchard (3:28)
14 From The Book Of Monastic Life #2 (2:59)
15 Autumn Day (3:17)
16 Departure Of The Prodigal Son (4:49)
17 Sehnsucht (2:09)

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martes, 11 de enero de 2011

Anne Clark - The Very Best of (2010) FOH Exclusive

Style: Experimental Electronic. Post Punk.
Similar Artists: Eyeless in Gaza.
Recording year: EMI, 2010.

German-only collection from the British poet, musician and artist. The Very Best Of Anne Clark Anne Clark features 19 personally selected tracks dating all the way back to her 1982 debut album. Includes four rare bonus tracks such as the Live In Montreal version of "Heaven" and remixes of 'Self Destruct', 'Our Darkness' and 'Hope Road', that were only on vinyl and out of catalog.


  • The Sitting Room
  • Short Story
  • All We Have To Be Thankful For
  • Echoes Remain Forever
  • Wallies
  • Sleeper In Metropolis
  • Our Darkness
  • Killing Time
  • Heaven
  • Alarm Call
  • Peom Without Words II - Journey By Night
  • Cane Hill
  • This Be The Verse
  • Homecoming
  • The Power Game (Live)
    Bonus Tracks:
  • Heaven (Live In Montreal)
  • Self Destruct (Extended Version)
  • Our Darkness (Remix)
  • Hope Road (A-Z Route)

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