miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009

Claire Voyant - Love is blind

Género: Rock

Artistas similares: Wolfgang Press. Heaven 17, MAARS

Año de grabación : Metropolis, 2002.

Chris Ross (programming) and Ben Fargen (guitar), Claire Voyant's founding duo, first met at an early age, since then creating a serious creative understanding. Having bands like the Cure or Cocteau Twins as main influences, the two-team unveiled their musical preferences on delicate pop style selections added by enchanting streamlined drawings. However, Voyant's melodies were not complete until the later addition of Victoria Lloyd, who provided a substantive balance to the group's compositions. In 1995, they recorded their first disc, Claire Voyant, eventually reissued two years later by German label Hyperium, hence capitalizing the trio's considerable following. Time and the Maiden showed up as their second full-length in 1998, conferring the group an even more solid standing, emphasized by 2000's Time Again, an album with remixes by artists such as Front 242 or Covenant. They signed a recording contract with Accession Records a year later.

Fields Of Haze.

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