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Children On Stun - Tourniquets of Loves Desire

Género: Goth Rock

Artistas similares: The Wake, Black Type for a Blue Girl, Miranda Sex Garden

Año de grabación : Cleopatra, 1994.

Children on Stun is the name of a gothic rock band from England. Formed in 1991, the original line-up consisted of Neil Ash, Simon Manning, Simon Treen and Pete Finnemore.

Formed in August 1991 and taking their name from a song by the band The March Violets, Children on Stun appeared to enjoy a relatively large amount of success in a short space of time. Treen left within a year of the band forming. The band's first gig took place at a club called "The Crypt" in Hastings. In the same year, the band also recorded their first demo, entitled "Elegance", and also made an appearance in Mick Mercer's second book on the gothic rock genre: this boosted the band's popularity and gained them much publicity.

The band went on to release two more demos in 1993, entitled "Monochrome I" and "Monochrome II". They used the profits from these demos to release their first single, "Hollow", which became a club hit throughout Europe and the UK. The band secured a record contract with Cleopatra Records in 1994 and released the album Tourniquets of Love's Desire. This album was well received within the UK goth scene and boosted the band's popularity.

Fields Of Haze.

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