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In The Nursery - A page of madness

Género: Experimental, Alternative, Soundtrack

Artistas similares: Les Jumeaux, Test Dept, Young Gods

Año de grabación : ITN Corporation, 2004.

Formed in Sheffield, England by brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone in 1981, In the Nursery explored a strange fusion of industrialized military rhythms and classical and film soundtrack music. Devoted more to the former in their early years, the band debuted in 1983 with the mini-album When Cherished Dreams Come True, also contributing to several compilations over the next two years. After the 1985 Temper EP, the group's initial lineup had evaporated, leaving only the Humberstone brothers to record their first full-length effort, 1986's Twins, which began to explore classical influences in greater depth. Percussionist Q and French bilingual vocalist Dolores Marguerite C were added for 1987's Stormhorse, which was intended to resemble the soundtrack to an imaginary film.

The fifth in In the Nursery's series of silent film soundtracks, A Page of Madness itself is perhaps both the most obscure and most striking of the movies the Humberstone brothers have worked with so far. The liner notes describe a mid-'20s film depicting the life of a man who works as a janitor in an insane asylum to be near his wife, committed there for having trying to kill their child -- a strong subject no matter what the time or place. Combined with film techniques that suggest parallels to Man With a Movie Camera, earlier scored by In the Nursery, it gave the Humberstones a rich palette to work with.

Fields Of Haze.

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