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Clan Of Xymox - In love we trust

Genere: Goth, Dark Wave

Similar artists: Crüxshadows, The Cure, Medicine

Recording year : Metropolis Records, 2009.

Clan of Xymox were formed in Nijmegen, Netherlands, in 1983 by Ronny Moorings (vocals, guitar) and Anka Wolbert (bass, vocals). A year later, Moorings and Wolbert moved to Amsterdam, releasing the LP Subsequent Pleasures as Xymox. (The album was limited to 500 copies.) Xymox then became the opening act for Dead Can Dance in England. The band's presence on Dead Can Dance's U.K. tour caught the interest of 4AD Records, and the label eventually signed them. A year later, Xymox lengthened their name to Clan of Xymox and recorded a self-titled album in 1985, followed by Medusa the next year. In 1987, the group shortened its appellation to Xymox once again, contributing another version of "Muscoviet Mosquito," originally on Subsequent Pleasures, to the 4AD compilation Lonely Is an Eyesore. After the release of the single "Blind Hearts," Xymox left 4AD and joined Polygram/Wing.

Mixing together the atmospherics of their early years, the clever dance hooks of their Phoenix era, and the goth-club, synth sounds of their later work, In Love We Trust is Clan of Xymox in top form, delivering what's arguably their best album in 20 years. As such, it's a great excuse for all their 4AD-era fans to check back in. Melancholic lyrics are buried in washes of mournful synths, and forlorn women once again drive the songwriting as titles like "Emily" and "Desdemona" bring to mind classic Xymox songs like "Michelle" and "Evelyn." The expansive "Judas" could have fallen off their debut, while the layered "Morning Glow" is a dreamy as anything off Medusa, although the New Order-like bassline is a new touch. So is the deepening of leader Ronny Moorings' voice -- at times, making him sound very much like Sisters of Mercy's Andrew Eldritch -- but the delivery is familiar with hushed verses giving way to choruses filled with desire. These are all the moods and textures longtime fans seek, and with no filler to complain about, the album is an easy recommendation to any fan of the darkwave genre.

Fields Of Haze.

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