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Psychopomps - Assassins DK United

Genere: Electro Industrial, Terror techno

Similar artists: SPK, Peace love & pitbulls, Dissecting table

Recording year : Cleopatra, 1994.

Psychopomps is a Denmark group, founded by Jesper Schmidt (vocals, keys, synths and computers, programming) and Flemming Norre Larsen (programming, lyrics, graphic design) whose are titular from 1991 of what they have defined " terror techno" , a heavy metal industrial feraciously distorted and inspired to criminal sexual fantasies. A sure inficia naivete `For-Death Ravers (Zoth Ommog, 1993), than gets lost in pornographic samplings and harangues against the censorship. The album whites Assassins Dk United (Zoth Ommog, 1994) go instead numbered between the intense activities more `rape been born on the wake of the Ministry. The album whites and other rarities `of the debuts will come collections in First Blood (Zoth Ommog later on, 1996). 666 Nights In Hell (Cleopatra, 1995) finds the step of sabba in Satan Lives Within Me. Fiction Not Fiction (Zoth Ommog, 1997) marks a conversion to reasons.

The name of Psychopomps comes from the Greek word ψυχοπομπός (psychopompos), literally meaning the "guide of souls", that are creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly-deceased souls to the afterlife. Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply provide safe passage. Frequently depicted on funerary art, psychopomps have been associated at different times and in different cultures with horses, whippoorwills, ravens, dogs, crows, owls, sparrows, cuckoos, and harts.

Fields Of Haze.

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