viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2009

Shadow Project - Shadow Project

Genere: Goth Rock

Similar artists: Christian Death, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy

Recording year : Triple X Entertainment, 1991.

Shadow Project is a goth band formed in the early 1990s with Rozz Williams and Eva O. The band's (self titled) first album included bassist Jill Emery and drummer Thomas Morgan.

William Faith and Stevyn Grey joined the line-up for the Dreams For The Dying tour and recording albums. They mixed a blend of different styles ranging from punk to metal to Roxy Music and David Bowie.

The band first began in 1987 in San Francisco. The band was named after a study of the effects of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima. The whole purpose behind its formation was for Rozz and Eva to make something for themselves. Rozz had realized that not much was happening in the United States when it came to the deathrock scene. No matter where it was he and Eva had gone to, be it Los Angeles or San Francisco, there was still nothing happening "In their eyes" so they had formed Shadow Project to create something for themselves.

Fields Of Haze.

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