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Colourbox - Best of 82 / 87

Género: Rock

Artistas similares: Wolfgang Press. Heaven 17, MAARS

Año de grabación : 4AD, 2001.

Colourbox were an English electronic musical group on the 4AD record label in the 1980s. They attempted an electronically-tinged reggae and soul influenced pop music, constrained by the technology they had access to at the time. They released a number of records from 1982 until 1987. The band was formed by the brothers Martyn and Steve Young, with guest singers until Lorita Grahame joined as a permanent member in 1983.

The first release - a four track mini-album simply titled "Colourbox" released in 1983 - displayed the band's fledgling experimental sound - with pop tunes fractured and distorted out of shape by all manner of cut-and-paste tomfoolery. After a handful of singles, a full album followed in 1985 - also titled "Colourbox" - which further refined the band's diverse palette, mixing sample-splattered power-punk instrumentals with elegaic piano pieces ("Just Give 'Em Whiskey" and "Sleepwalker" respectively), commercial pop ("The Moon Is Blue", "Suspicion") and more reggae and soul covers (U-Roy's "Say You" and The Supremes' "You Keep Me Hanging On"). It was to remain the band's only proper album.

However, for a brief time Martyn Young's name would still appear as a producer credit on records by acts as diverse as The Christians and fellow label-mates The Wolfgang Press, whilst former singer Lorita Grahame was last seen gracing vocal duties on a record released by short-lived One Little Indian act Hit The Floor (a cover of Edwin Starr's late-70s disco smash "Contact"). Since then, very little has been heard from any of the members from the camp save for a brief return to promotional duties for Martyn Young in 2001 to oversee the release of the rather disappointing and anything-but-fully-representative "The Best Of Colourbox 82-87".

Fields Of Haze.

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