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Genere: Rock/Pop
Styles: Goth Rock, Metal.
Similar Artist: Type O' Negative, Love Like Blood.
Record Year: 2004.

In 1991, Umbra et Imago were created as a side-project of The Electric Avantgarde. In the following year, the two bands were still existing alongside. There were plans for The Electric Avantgarde to change its style to Death Metal, but those were soon dropped.

The band dissolved and was later reformed as Dracul so that Umbra et Imago became Mozart's main project.
In 1992 Umbra et Imago player their first stage shows, where visual effects played an important role. While the band's style was still dominated by electronic influences, there were frequent appearances of guest musicians such as Peter Heppner of Wolfsheim. The band began to develop an excentric image and they were known for their fancy concerts . Umbra et Imago polarized critics and were even publicly criticized. In the same year, their album Träume, Sex und Tod was publisher, one year later Infantile Spiele was released.

As their album tracks often exceeded lengths of 10 minutes they were unsuited for play in discotheques and were not included to DJs' programs. Because of that, Umbra et Imago created a remix of their song Erotica which they called ZöllerMussEsSpielen Mix ({{lang-de|Zöllner's Got To Play It Mix), referring to Michael Zöllner, a resident DJ of Bochum's Zwischenfall discotheque. Despite its length, Gothic Eroti from the 1993 album Infantile Spiele remained the band's best known song.

Fields Of Haze... Underground for all.

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