lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Hocico - Dog Eat Dog

Genere: Pop/Rock.
Style: Electro Industrial
Similar artists: Leather Strip, Amducia, Psychopomps.
Recording year: Out Of Line, 2010. 

“Dog Eat Dog”, the brand-new single from Mexican Hard-Electro-legend Hocico, shouter Erk Aicrag and sound wizard Racso Agroyam are as aggressive as never before. A catchy-as-hell hook line meets the most brutal vocal escapades and the hardest beats the duo has ever unleashed: a relentless aggro-fest with a distinctive hit-appeal. The new single also contains four bass-laden remixes from Solitary Experiments, Aesthetic Perfection, Diabolic Art and Arsch Dolls as well as the exclusive b-side-smasher “Escape The Spell.” “Dog Eat Dog” will also be released as a 7” white vinyl, limited to 666 copies and sporting the exclusive b-side “Breathe Me Tonight.”

Fields Of Haze... Underground for all.

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  1. Hocico in rock-pop genre?

    Thanks for the download! Amazing!


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