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Brendan Perry - Eye of the hunter (1999) & Ark (2010)

Although the last link I've already upload was -deleted- by strange forces, here it is again... and comes with his first work also. Enjoy it!!

Brendan Perry's solo debut, Eye of the Hunter, builds on his reputation as Dead Can Dance's meditative, baritone singer/songwriter. Perry's rich vocals and the songs' orchestral-folk arrangements and somber titles give the album an intriguing Gothic/easy listening feel, similar to Scott Walker's darkest Baroque pop. Along with seven original tracks like "Medusa," "Saturday's Child," and "Archangel," Eye of the Hunter also includes a thoughtful cover of Tim Buckley's "I Must Have Been Blind." Though the stately pace of the songs becomes monotonous at times, Perry's first solo effort is a mature work worthy of his reputation. ~ Heather Phares

1999 debut solo album from the male half of Alterna-faves Dead Can Dance. The album's title is found in the lyrics of 'Voyage of Bran', where a character named Brendan says: 'I live by the rye of the iver where the old gods still dream of inner communion with the open sea. Through the eye of a hunter in search of a prey, neither beast nor human in my philosophy.' The song 'Sloth' had already been sung during concerts with Dead Can Dance and appears on the band's 2001 box set Dead Can Dance (1981-1998). 'I Must Have Been Blind' is a cover of a Tim Buckley song from his 1970 album Blue Afternoon. Music historian Piero Scaruffi summarized Eye of the Hunter as 'an intensely personal statement arranged for (synthesized) orchestra and a plethora of acoustic instruments, but more reminiscent of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen than his old band.' He ranked it among the 'Best Rock Albums of 1999' and the 'Best Rock Albums of the 1990's'. 4AD.


2010 release, the second solo album from Brendan Perry, formerly one-half of Dead Can Dance. Recorded in his own studio in Ireland, Ark is truly a solo album, Brendan playing every instrument, writing all the lyrics and being the sole creative force across the eight tracks. All of the instrumentation on Ark is derived from samples and synthesizers and, in its creators own words, is predicated on a theory of creating 'a neutral electronic soundscape which would in turn mirror a world that is becoming increasingly more dependent upon machines to perform tasks for us'. Cooking Vinyl. 


Fields Of Haze... Underground for all.

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  1. Muchisimas gracias por estos discos y por este hombre tan especial
    y sobre todo por Brendan Perry - Eye of the hunter (1999)


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