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Chldren On Stun - Overland

Genere: Goth Rock

Similar Artists: The Wake, Black Type for a Blue Girl, Miranda Sex Garden

Recording Year: Resurrection Records, 1999.

Formed in August 1991 and taking their name from a song by the band The March Violets, Children on Stun appeared to enjoy a relatively large amount of success in a short space of time. Treen left within a year of the band forming. The band's first gig took place at a club called "The Crypt" in Hastings. In the same year, the band also recorded their first demo, entitled "Elegance", and also made an appearance in Mick Mercer's second book on the gothic rock genre: this boosted the band's popularity and gained them much publicity.

In 1992, the band supported the popular goth rock band Rosetta Stone on their UK tour. Later on that year, they released their second demo, "Choices".The band went on to release two more demos in 1993, entitled "Monochrome I" and "Monochrome II". They used the profits from these demos to release their first single, "Hollow", which became a club hit throughout Europe and the UK. The band secured a record contract with Cleopatra Records in 1994 and released the album Tourniquets of Love's Desire. This album was well received within the UK goth scene and boosted the band's popularity.

Towards the end of the year, the band was approached by the label M&A and asked to produce an EP. This resulted in the Overland EP being released. Overland was the last release by the band to feature guitarist Pete Finnemore who "left the band to pursue other things in life."

Kyle Whipp (formerly of 'Soul Inside') joined the band in 1995 as their new Bass player with Manning moving to guitar. The band's first gig featuring Whipp took place at London's Camden Underworld. The EP Celebration Drug was released later on in the year and included the popular track "Whiskey a-go-go". In August of the same year, the band went on a tour of Scandinavia. As well as this, the band released another EP titled Celibacy and Anadin which included remixes by Rosetta Stone. After the release of this EP, the band ended their contract with Cleopatra.

1996 saw the band begin to record their new album, Mondo Weird, which was not released until 1997. The band also released the single "Pin ups, Soap Operas and Natural Disasters" in this year. A remix CD called Outrageous, Outlawed, Outspoken was released by M&A in 1998: during the same year, the band announced that they would be splitting up. They played their final gig at the Camden Underworld on the 24 May 1998. M&A also released a CD of this gig, entitled Seven Year Itch. In 2005 M&A released a compilation called Rough Trade on a Cheap Promotion, featuring the band's b-sides, alternate song versions and demos.

Fields Of Haze.

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  1. yo tengo el tourniquets of love desire, pero ya que me tropiezo con éste blog no me lo pienso callar. Un grupo que da bastante caña, arriba el buen rock remember!

    Sobre la buena música el dicho es el mismo que para todo lo bueno. Escasea, permanece oculta y a veces ni se tiene conocimiento de su existencia... Al menos hoy día, se rompe la barrera de "dificil de conseguir"



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